Liberty Walk has never been afraid of creating controversy and earlier this year, upset Ferrari when it overhauled an F40 with a widebody kit. Ferrari was so disgusted at the project that it removed that F40 from its official registry. Now, the Japanese tuner is back at it with another Italian creation, this time the compact Abarth 695.

The car will be unveiled in full at January’s Tokyo Auto Salon but has already been previewed and made available through the Liberty Walk website. The entire kit starts at $15,070 and tops out at $17,050 when ordered in carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic as opposed to just fiber-reinforced plastic. That’s a lot of money to spend on a bodykit for a car like the 595.

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Up front, we can see that the tuner has overhauled the fascia of the Abarth with a new bumper complete with a large splitter and aerodynamic canards. The front wheel arches have also been flared to give the cute hot hatch much more aggression and road presence. Liberty Walk’s preview of the car also shows that it is rocking extended side skirts, flared arches at the rear, and black wheels clad in Toyo Tires with white lettering.

The rear is arguably the most over-the-top element of the new car’s design. Immediately catching the eye is the huge WRC-inspired wing on the roof. Liberty Walk has also crafted a new bumper and diffuser for the 595 and installed a pair of new centrally-exiting tailpipes.

As mentioned, Liberty Walk will sell the entire kit for $15,070 or $17,050 depending on the material chosen but will also sell the rear diffuser, rear wing, and hood separately.

Be sure to stay tuned to Carscoops over the coming couple of weeks for more news from the Tokyo Auto Salon.

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