In 2021, a dangerous and potentially illegal social media trend known as the “Lug Nut Challenge” gained notoriety. This challenge involved individuals, often on platforms like TikTok, encouraging others to loosen or remove the lug nuts on vehicles, posing serious safety risks. Now, it appears that this alarming viral trend may be making a comeback.

Though it’s not entirely confirmed, the Valley Center Department of Public Safety in Kansas issued a warning to residents, urging them to “check their vehicles for any sign of vandalism” and to report any findings. While there haven’t been any verified reports of vandals loosening lug nuts on vehicles, the police force noted that people have been inquiring about it.

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Needless to say, loosening lug nuts on someone else’s vehicle is an extremely dangerous act, with the potential to cause accident or significant damage. The authorities take this matter seriously, warning that individuals engaging in such dangerous pranks could face severe consequences, including fines and even jail time if apprehended.

It’s wise to be skeptical of social media challenges, but Colorado’s Frisco Police Department warned residents of vandals loosening lug nuts last September. In that case, at least three people left a shopping center parking lot only to find their vehicle wobbling or making a weird noise. This was because the “lug nuts… had been loosened to the point they could be taken off using just their fingers.”

That’s a frightening thought, but hopefully the problem doesn’t become widespread like the Kia Challenge.