Ferrari’s XX program debuted in 2005; nearly 20 years later, the first road-legal version is coming soon. That upcoming car is the SF90 XX but to understand how it came to be it’s worth considering the full history of the program. What better place to do that than in a garage full of every type of XX car ever made?

The XX program was more than just a way to squeeze more cash out of buyers. As Top Gear’s Ollie Marriage points out, it was a way for Ferrari to learn more about its customers. It was also a great way for customers to join a very exclusive club since Ferrari wouldn’t sell an XX car to just anybody.

Ferrari even promised customers that their involvement would help the automaker in its development of future flagship supercars. Each new XX car was a little quicker, a little more extreme, and a bit more innovative. Ferrari put on owner’s events worldwide and in many ways kicked off the trend of building track-only supercars that so many brands relish in today.

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Again though, exclusivity was always a big part of the XX program. Ferrari often made less than 50 of each car and that trend is about to die. The new SF90 XX might be an XX in name only as it’s road-legal and Ferrari plans to build 1,398 of them. On top of that, SF90 XX buyers won’t be eligible to go to XX events that Ferrari puts on in the future.

What does that mean for Ferrari, the XX brand, and the future? We, to hear Marriage tell it, a serious dilution of the XX program. In fact, he goes as far as to say that the SF90 must not be selling well and that those who own a “genuine XX” would be “rightfully pissed off” at this new car. Of course, those who have the clout and cash to own a “genuine XX” might not even have the time of day to care about the new SF90 XX.

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Image Credit: Top Gear