Police in California have arrested the driver of a silver Porsche Cayenne after a high-speed chase down the highway that included two nearly identical spins, seemingly triggered after the car ran over a spike strip.

Local authorities report that the chase started in Upland, California when the driver of the Cayenne sped through a traffic break while traveling along the 10 Freeway. Police quickly gave chase and it wasn’t long before a media helicopter got eyes on the chase and started filming it.

The driver of the Cayenne can initially be seen driving at normal highway speeds with at least three police vehicles in pursuit. The hazard lights of the SUV can be seen flashing and at one point, the Porsche’s rear end starts to gently swerve back and forth. The driver then slowed down and appeared to start waving something out of the sunroof before stepping on the throttle once again and speeding off down the highway.

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As the speeds started to build, however, the car began swerving once again and spun around before grinding to a halt. While the driver could have easily decided to surrender then and there, they decided against doing so and started accelerating away once again.

Before long, the driver lost control of the Porsche for the second time and it span around in almost identical fashion to the first time. Police then moved in for the bust, surrounding the Porsche and giving the driver no choice but to surrender. It is at this point that it becomes clear the rear tires of the Cayenne have been shredded and that this is the reason why the rear-end appeared so squirely and why it span around two times.

It is not yet clear what charges the driver has been hit with nor exactly why they decided to flee.