A motorcyclist and their pillion passenger were fortunate to narrowly escape a harrowing crash when the driver of a (makeshift?) convertible abruptly cut in front of them while attempting a U-turn

As is often the case with unusual incidents like this, a video of the crash has been shared on Reddit. After a bit of research, it appears that the crash took place near the city of Porto Alegre in Brazil, right outside a car dealership named CS Sul Veiculos. While the reason someone happened to be recording the car at that moment remains a mystery, it does serve as a poignant reminder of the critical importance of remaining vigilant while driving and consistently watching out for motorcyclists.

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Video Reddit

The short clip depicts the driver of the old convertible initially slowing down in the middle of the road before abruptly veering left and attempting a U-turn over the median strip. Not only does this maneuver seem illegal, but it also appears that the driver completely overlooked checking their mirrors for any oncoming traffic.

As the car begins to turn, a motorcyclist comes into view and slams into the side of the car. The force of the impact throws the rider of the bike into the rear seat of the car while their passenger flies over the car and slams into the pavement. Fortunately, both the bikers were wearing helmets and look to have avoided any significant injuries.